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Workers’ Comp

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When you’re injured or become ill in the line of work, we know this can be very difficult to cope with. You expect your job to be safe, but when your job entails dangerous work, we know that accidents happen.

Worker’s compensation may be applicable when you suffer a job-related injury:

  • If your job site is unsafe
  • If your employer is negligent, or
  • If accidents happen on the job site

Our attorneys will do everything we can to determine your eligibility for worker’s comp.

At Perrault Law Group in Methuen, MA and Salem, NH, we understand how this influences your life, your family and loved ones.

Time Lost At Work

We know it can be frustrating when you’re out of work. With time lost as you can’t be on the job, you’re not receiving the income you’re used to, and this can affect you and your family greatly. We will do everything in our power to make sure you don’t suffer financially due to a work-related illness or injury. If you were injured by doing your job, you should not be alone when dealing with the repercussions. Worker’s comp exists to combat this, and Perrault Law Group exists to have people championing for you.

Worker’s Comp Helps With Medical and Rehabilitation Costs

After a work-related injury, medical costs can be hefty. If you’re not at fault, these medical and rehab expenses should not be your responsibility.


With disability costs and rehabilitation expenses that may be ongoing or long-term, we know this is not easy for you. You may be eligible for worker’s compensation to get the reparations you deserve.


In each circumstance, we work diligently with experts to identify how working conditions were directly responsible for your injury. With medical documentation, witness statements from co-workers, and important evidence, we will demonstrate that your injuries were directly due to working conditions and that you should be compensated fairly.


Contact our lawyers for a free case evaluation at either of our law offices in Methuen, Massachusetts, or Salem, New Hampshire. We are ready to assist you in your situation.

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