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Construction Site Accident Attorneys

While construction sites are rife with dangerous machinery and conditions, there is a mandatory level of care that must be taken by contractors, workers and others working at the sites. In many cases, where injury has occurred, it is the result of negligent handling of equipment, failure to secure safety mechanisms or a violation of standard safety protocol. If you or a loved one has suffered in a construction accident, you need experienced legal representation to effectively assert your rights to recover maximum compensation for your family.

Your personal injury claim will likely be far more valuable than your workers’ compensation benefits. Be sure you preserve your rights and receive the benefits to which you are entitled. Contact a construction site accident attorney in Methuen, Massachusetts, or Salem, New Hampshire.

Handling Workplace Injuries and OSHA Violations in Massachusetts and New Hampshire

At Perrault Law Group we have extensive experience in representing the victims and families of construction site accidents. Our attorneys will investigate the cause of your accident and identify every potential source of liability. We will work aggressively to collect necessary evidence including site diagrams, accident reports, police reports, medical documentation, witness statements, photographs and other evidence relevant to your case.

Our attorneys can assist your family with any type of construction accident case, including those involving:

  • Dangerous or defective construction equipment
  • OSHA violations
  • Crane accidents
  • Aerial lift injuries
  • Dump truck accidents
  • Bulldozer accidents
  • Electric shock
  • Scaffolding accidents
  • Power tool accidents
  • Falling debris

We are experienced in representing subcontractors, delivery drivers, and other construction site workers who have suffered an injury in the workplace. While you may be entitled to workers’ compensation, you may also be entitled to significant compensation arising out of third-party liability. General contractors, other subcontractors, and owners are responsible for the safety of the site. You may be able to recover compensation for injuries resulting from OSHA violations. You may also have claims against negligent subcontractors.

Our attorneys are experienced with the complexities of building codes and state and federal regulations affecting your claim. When you are entitled to significant compensation, preserve your claim with attorneys you can trust. Call us for a free case evaluation.

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