2 injured in school bus crash in Massachusetts

As a parent, one of the most terrifying things you can find out is that your child has been involved in a school bus accident. If your child is hurt or even if you’re hurt when you’re chaperoning on a school trip, you have the right to pursue compensation from one of several sources, whether it’s the driver, school district or the person who hit you. In cases like this one, it may be the dangerous driver who bears the blame and has to absorb the cost of damages through an insurance claim or by being sued if insurance isn’t Continue Reading

Distracted driving: Causing accidents every day

Distracted driving causes close to 40 percent of all accidents on the road today. Since the report in 2010, distracted-driving laws have been passed in many states around the country, and most will penalize drivers who aren’t paying attention to the road, who are texting while driving or who are participating in reckless driving activities. If you’re hit by someone who is behind the wheel of a truck and distracted, the results can be devastating. That’s why it’s so important to file a claim after a crash; you deserve the compensation to cover your needs now and in the future. Continue Reading

Cyclist killed in head-on collision in Cambridge

One of the ways that bicyclists can be badly hurt or killed is if a driver decides to suddenly open his or her car door into the roadway. If the driver doesn’t look to see if anyone is coming, doing that can cause the cyclist to swerve to avoid the door, making the cyclist move into traffic, or it can result in a head-on collision. This kind of incident shouldn’t happen, and when you’re in the road, you have the right of way like any other traveling vehicle. If you’re injured because someone swings a door open in front of Continue Reading

How strict are commercial DUI regulations?

Commercial DUI regulations are different than DUI regulations for the typical driver. Those who hold commercial driver’s licenses must be held to a higher standard, so they are unable to drink as much as a traditional driver before they get behind the wheel. In fact, a normal driver can have a blood alcohol concentration of up to 0.08 and drive, but a commercial driver is only allowed to have a BAC of 0.04 or less. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration established these limits to make sure that these drivers are always safe behind the wheel. There are reasons for Continue Reading

Alleged suicidal driver strikes truck and injures 2

If you’re struck by someone who is mentally unwell and wants to commit suicide or by someone who is under the influence of an intoxicating substance, there’s no reason that you should have to back off and wait to file a claim. When you’re injured by another person, it’s your right to speak to someone about those injuries and to recover the costs associated with them. Accidents caused by people who are negligent or in distress should be properly addressed. An alleged suicidal driver crashed his vehicle into a full-size pickup, causing an accident that has left at least two Continue Reading

Truck driver crushed vehicle to hide evidence of hit and run

If you’re hit by a negligent driver or lose a loved one who is involved in an accident, your life can be forever changed. Even though you can work with your attorney to obtain compensation, that compensation can’t ever bring back the person who passed away. While compensation won’t replace someone who has passed, it can go a long way toward making your future more bearable and covering the costs associated with the death. Before you can take a driver to court, you’ll need to know who it was who caused the accident that killed your loved one. That’s the Continue Reading

Get the money you need to recover after a serious accident

There’s not a day that goes by without stories about accidents taking place on the roads. Drivers can be dangerous; they may be eating while they drive, could be breaking up kids who are fighting in the back seat or even be texting to tell someone they’re on the way home. While these are common things that lots of people do, they’re distractions that are dangerous. Drivers who get distracted are more likely to cause accidents, and those accidents can injure or kill others. If you’ve been in a car or truck accident, you’re in a position where you can Continue Reading

How can you prevent truck accidents?

As a driver, you know that you’re not going to be the only person on the roads. In fact, there will almost always be others around you. Motorcycles, cars, trucks and semis, are common on the roads. One of the biggest fears drivers have is driving alongside large tractor-trailers. Who can blame them? Tractor-trailers are large, heavy vehicles that can cause massive amounts of damage in an accident. Still, there are ways to travel safely with 18-wheelers on the roads. Start by avoiding the trucker’s blind spot. If you can’t see the driver’s mirrors, it’s very likely that he can’t Continue Reading

A bridge the at-fault party? Crashes rise, so bridge gets altered

When accidents take place on the highway, they normally involve one or two vehicles with drivers who have made a mistake. Sometimes, single-vehicle accidents are the problem, though. Can someone be to blame for a single-vehicle accident other than the driver? They could be. For instance, if there is a low bridge and the clearance level is incorrectly marked, that could lead to a truck getting stuck or hitting the bridge. If you’re in a crash due to a poorly marked bridge or because an area is too small for vehicles to pass through, it’s important to know if the Continue Reading

Texting and driving: The negligence that puts your life at risk

Texting and driving has become a more serious problem in recent years with the development of bigger and better smartphones. Now that just about everyone has one, it’s no wonder that more drivers are being distracted by texting while on the roads. All it takes is one “important” text to come through, and a driver looks away from the road for a few seconds. A few seconds is all it takes for everything to go wrong. At 70 mph, a car travels around 103 feet in one second. When someone is looking away from the road, he or she isn’t Continue Reading

Truck driver injured after trying to report erratic driver

When you’re traveling, you may worry about getting into an accident with another driver. Maybe you drive a truck for work or are moving across the country. Whatever the reason is, as long as you’re on the road, you are at an increased risk of getting into an accident. In cases like the one below, drivers face unnecessary pain and suffering because of other people who are negligent or distracted. Those who don’t drive safely need to be held accountable. An erratic driver has been accused of striking a tractor-trailer carrying over 1,200 propane gas tanks on Interstate 84 near Continue Reading

Fight for compensation following your trucking accident

A car accident can leave you with serious injuries that require surgery or ongoing rehabilitation. This kind of injury was unexpected; you simply were driving, unaware that your day was going to end with life-changing events. As a person who has suffered, you have the right to ask where your compensation is going to come from and how much it will be. If the answers you receive don’t satisfy you, you can use other methods to try to get the amount of compensation you’ll need to pay for your bills and other needs. Everyone knows that medical bills can place Continue Reading

Distracted and tired driving: Rules and regulations are improving

Is distracted driving really that big of any issue? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration believes it is, and new enforcement efforts have been aimed at reducing the number of distracted drivers on the road. Texting is one of the major issues being focused on by the campaign, which is named, “U Drive. U Text. U Pay.” This campaign, which is being enforced between April 10 and 15, encourages police to be aggressive about ticketing drivers who are using their mobile devices or texting while they’re on the road and behind the wheel. This would go for teens, young adults Continue Reading

Pedestrian killed by snowplow on snowy day

When the winter months approach, there are many dangers. Ice and snow on sidewalks can make it impossible to get by; pedestrians may have to walk in the roads. Crossing the roads can be difficult because of these conditions, and sometimes, seeing crosswalks or safe times to cross can be difficult due to snow. Drivers should be very careful in these conditions, and they should be particularly sure there is no one in the roads before they pass through an area. Tow-trucks and snowplows will be on the roads to help people who have been stuck in the snow get Continue Reading

Can falling items contribute to truck accident liability?

The Federal Motor Carrier Administration has regulations in place to ensure that drivers are fully informed on how cargo should be secured to avoid falling off and causing an accident or injury. The general guideline is that the cargo has to be secured so that it cannot move or is contained within a trailer — such as in the case of tractor-trailers — or a truck bed. If the cargo is contained in that manner, the sides of the structure must be strong enough to actually support and contain the cargo, keep it from moving around and prevent it from Continue Reading