2 injured in school bus crash in Massachusetts

As a parent, one of the most terrifying things you can find out is that your child has been involved in a school bus accident. If your child is hurt or even if you’re hurt when you’re chaperoning on a school trip, you have the right to pursue compensation from one of several sources, whether it’s the driver, school district or the person who hit you. In cases like this one, it may be the dangerous driver who bears the blame and has to absorb the cost of damages through an insurance claim or by being sued if insurance isn’t Continue Reading

Large truck accident long-term statistics and trends

The big picture looks better than the small picture. Between 2002 and 2012, the number of large trucks involved in traffic fatalities plummeted 17 percent nationwide, from 4,587 to 3,802. During the same time, the number of trucks in non-fatal accidents also dropped from 94,000 to 77,000 – an 18 percent dip. Overall, it seems Boston drivers should feel safer when they travel next to tractor-trailers on Massachusetts roads. But, according to a 2012 report by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, large truck involvement in fatal and injury accidents took an about face between 2011 and 2012. Fatal crashes Continue Reading

Should a Boston truck accident victim agree to a settlement?

The answer to this question varies from case to case. That’s not a purposely evasive response. No two motor vehicle collisions are the same and none may be more complex than a truck accident. The injuries victims suffer when large trucks are involved in a Massachusetts crash can be catastrophic, disabling and life-threatening. The costs of treating serious injuries, surgeries, rehabilitation and extended care are staggering. Combined with wage losses, damage to a family’s finances can be permanent. A liability lawsuit may be a truck accident victim’s best option to recover compensation from a negligent party. There is a way Continue Reading

Does motor carrier insurance cover large truck accidents?

Every state requires minimum insurance coverage on registered vehicles. Comprehensive and collision coverage are optional, but Boston motorists must carry a set minimum amount of auto liability insurance. The insurance covers expenses from accident-related injuries for you and others harmed in a crash. Drivers often opt to increase coverage, since the insurance minimum may not cover all the costs associated with a collision. Rules for insurance coverage differ for owners of motor carriers — large trucks and buses. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration establishes the minimum requirements of financial responsibility based upon vehicle size, weight and purpose among other Continue Reading

Possible causes of truck crashes

While truck drivers who are overtired or distracted have made headlines lately, there are many different factors that can cause a truck accident. In many cases, it is not one single factor but a combination of several that contribute to the crash. Understanding the different reasons for a truck accident can help victims better determine what aspects may be applicable to their situations. The most obvious factor in a truck accident is the size and weight of the tractor-trailer. This makes the vehicle more challenging to maneuver, more susceptible to being blown around during high winds and more difficult to Continue Reading

After a truck accident, do I really need a lawyer?

Motor vehicle accidents are an unfortunate fact of life, and nearly everyone who regularly drives will be involved in at least one at some point. When these accidents involve tractor-trailers, the victims often suffer serious and life-threatening injuries. The last thing someone who has been injured in a truck accident should have to worry about is making sure that the trucking company’s insurance will pay for damages. At Perrault Law Group, we are experienced in dealing with truck accidents that occur in Massachusetts as well as those that occur in other states but involve Massachusetts residents. When liability comes into Continue Reading

Truck accident involving camels snarls traffic

An accident involving a tractor-trailer and a box truck led to traffic delays on July 12. According to reports, the crash took place in Otis on the Massachusetts Turnpike around 6 a.m. The initial investigation indicated that the box truck had been traveling in the westbound lanes of the turnpike when it crashed into the back of the tractor-trailer. However, the factors leading up to and potentially contributing to the truck accident were not clear. Traffic was stalled after the turnpike’s right lane was closed close to mile marker 23. The tractor-trailer had reportedly been hauling a load of live Continue Reading

Truck accident leaves 1 dead and 4 injured

News media outlets in Massachusetts and across the country have been abuzz with the multiple-vehicle crash that involved a limo bus transporting several well-known comedians, including Tracy Morgan. The 35-year-old male driver of a semi that reportedly started the chain reaction that caused the crash has now been charged with four counts of assault by auto and one count of death by auto. According to reports, the crash happened on the New Jersey Turnpike on June 7 around 1 a.m. Initial reports indicate that the tractor-trailer driver did not notice that traffic had slowed and tried to swerve to avoid Continue Reading

Massachusetts man drives dump truck into house

For most people, their home is a safe haven. It is a place where they can sit down, relax and unwind after a long day at work or school. It is a place where they can ignore what is going on in the world if they so choose. It isn’t usually a place where people worry about being involved in a motor vehicle accident. For one Massachusetts family, a truck crashing into their home isn’t something that they will likely ever forget. The dump truck accident occurred on the last Thursday in February of 2014, when a Billerica man crashed Continue Reading

Man survives vehicle rollover; killed in semi-truck accident

When you get into a car accident, the first thing you probably do is get out of your vehicle. For one Massachusetts man, the decision to get out of his vehicle after it crashed into a guardrail, rolled over and stopped in the center lane was a fatal one. The accident happened on Route 90 when a 26-year-old man and his 25-year-old passenger got out of the wrecked truck. Neither man was seriously hurt in the rollover, but the driver of the rolled truck was killed when he was struck by a tractor-trailer that was passing by. The tractor-trailer also Continue Reading

Truckers required to take more breaks under new rules

In an effort to reduce the number of highway accidents in Massachusetts and around the country caused by extremely fatigued commercial truck drivers, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has established stricter rules that will require truck drivers to take more frequent breaks. It is hoped that his action will lead to a reduction in the 13% of truck accidents that the Department of Transportation reports as involving fatigued truckers. The new rule caps the number of hours truck drivers can log weekly at 70 hours, which represents a roughly 15 percent reduction over the previous standard. In addition, truck Continue Reading

Massachusetts boy killed in dump truck accident

A 7-year-old Massachusetts boy was riding his bicycle when he was hit by a dump truck. The boy was riding his bike with his mother when the accident occurred at the intersection of Crown Street and Montgomery Street in Westfield, Massachusetts. It is unclear whether negligence on the part of either the driver was involved. According to a witness, the boy was riding with his mother in tow a little after 3:30 in the afternoon when the truck accident occurred. The boy apparently collided with the dump truck, which, according to a statement from the police, was carrying a load Continue Reading

Deadly truck crash results in $15.7 million verdict

In a deadly crash that resounded with Massachusetts drivers, three members of a Connecticut family were killed in a 2007 collision between a tanker truck and another vehicle. A jury has now awarded family members a total of $15.7 million for their losses in the truck accident. The jury apparently was not swayed by the trucking company’s argument that another driver should also have been held accountable for the crash in which the truck driver and the three other victims died. The accident took place on I-95 in East Lyme near the I-395 interchange. The driver of a tanker truck Continue Reading

Driver: truck accident was caused by zombies

Accidents happen in Massachusetts every day, but few, if any, drivers claim that the accident occurred because zombies were chasing them; however, after stealing a fully loaded 18-wheeler and causing a multiple-car accident on a California freeway, a 19-year-old transient has claimed exactly that. The truck was stolen by the young transient when the driver stopped at an inspection site and left the truck to fill out some paperwork. Apparently, the young man was under the influence of an unnamed substance that was causing hallucinations. He believed that zombies were after him and attached to the truck. Soon after he Continue Reading

Three people charged in traffic death of pair

Three people have been charged in connection with the death of two pedestrians in an accident that happened in 2007. All three were charged with misleading investigators. One woman died at the scene while her significant other died two days after the accident from his injuries. The pair, who was living in a hotel on one side of the highway, was crossing the roadway. However, they did not use a crosswalk. The woman was planning to move into a stable residence so she could have regular contact with her children. One family member expressed her relief at the charges after Continue Reading

Bike rider killed in accident on Boston street

A Boston truck accident left a bicyclist from Boston University dead when the tractor-trailer hit him on Commonwealth Avenue. Authorities said that both the truck and the cyclist were traveling east when the truck made a wide right turn, colliding with the bicycle. The victim was killed instantly. This death is the fifth cyclist fatality in the city since June. The intersection has been a problem for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists for some time, according to residents. Several people who live in the area stated that they were expecting an accident at any time due to the dangerous nature of Continue Reading

1 person killed, 1 severely injured in multi-car highway crash

A woman died in a chain-reaction truck collision that backed up traffic for several miles and effectively closed an interstate highway for several hours. The victim, a Massachusetts resident, was traveling east on Interstate 84 when she slowed for traffic. Unfortunately, a tractor-trailer driver behind her was unable to stop in time and rear-ended her car. The resulting chain reaction crash involved several vehicles and caused the police to close the highway for more than seven hours. The Nissan Rogue driven by the woman was fifth in a line of vehicles that had slowed down for traffic when the truck Continue Reading

5 hospitalized in Andover truck accident

A truck accident in Andover sent five people to the hospital, one of whom had his legs pinned by the tires of a semi truck. The accident occurred on the southbound side of Interstate 495 around 6:00 a.m. between Exit 41 and the Interstate 93 interchange. Police officials described the accident as a chain-reaction that pushed one vehicle into the car ahead. The collisions started when a tractor-trailer crashed into the back of a van, ejecting the passenger into the roadway. The victim was then run over by the tractor-trailer, which stopped on top of his legs. The victim sustained Continue Reading