How long do I have to file a Massachusetts dog bite lawsuit?

Personal injury claims are on a time clock. Laws in every state set time limits or statutes of limitation for filing civil lawsuits. In Massachusetts, most liability claims must be filed within three years of the date of injury, including cases involving dog bites. Some states impose filing deadlines as short as one year. Very limited filing periods are also common when injury or death claims are brought against a government. In some states, plaintiffs are allotted up to six years to petition a court for damages. Limited filing times allow civil cases to reach an end point, when no Continue Reading

Who pays for losses related to Massachusetts dog bites?

About 4.5 million U.S. residents are bitten by dogs every year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported nearly 20 percent of dog bite victims require medical treatment. Reconstructive surgery was needed for 27,000 victims of dog attacks in 2012. Massachusetts law states an animal owner or keeper is liable for the damages caused by a dog bite. A dog owner is not accountable for attacks on trespassers or individuals who tease or abuse a dog, provided the bite recipient is 7 or older. Damages following a dog bite may include pain and suffering, lost wages and short- or Continue Reading

I was bitten by a dog. Now what?

Dogs are often described as man’s best friend, but in reality, this isn’t always the case. No matter what the owner tells you, any dog is capable of biting and causing serious injury. Even small breeds can do a lot of damage quickly, and dog bites also carry the risk of infection. Unfortunately, for dog bite victims, the bite is often just the beginning of a series of unpleasant experiences. Victims of dog bites from animals who are not up to date on their vaccinations may have to undergo painful rabies shot as well as medical treatment for the injury Continue Reading

Animal bites: Beyond the dog

While dog bites may make the news most often in Massachusetts, they are not the only kind of injury that a person can suffer in an animal attack. If you are injured while interacting with another person’s cat, horse, other livestock animal or a wild animal being kept in captivity, it may still be possible to file a personal injury lawsuit. In most cases, injuries suffered from another animal are handled the same way when it comes to holding a party liable as dog bites. In general, the victim must show that the animal’s owner was negligent. This most often Continue Reading

Girl requires 6 hours of facial surgery after animal attack

A 7-year-old girl has been viciously attacked by a chocolate lab. Now, after receiving surgery to reconstruct her face, her parents are fearful for her to be around any dog, even their family’s pet bulldog. The vicious animal attack occurred when a Labrador owned by a family friend attacked the young girl. The girl’s father told the media that he and his wife asked their daughter if she wanted them to get rid of their family dog and her only response was, “Why?” According to her parents, her answer was a sign of her innocent and loving heart. Her parents Continue Reading

Animal officer receives calls for four dog bites each week

According to a new report, a Massachusetts animal control officer has said that he now answers an average 13 calls due to people improperly storing their trash and irresponsible pet owners. He reports that an average of four of the calls a week include dog bites to either humans or other dogs. Many dog bites often include serious injury. For example, an incident in late May resulted in a young girl receiving 25 stitches to her head. In this case, the owner voluntarily had the dog euthanized prior to the hearing to review the attack. The officer also reports that Continue Reading

A third of homeowner liability claims due to dog bites

Massachusetts dog owners may be interested in the following information about dog bite liability. According to the latest data compiled by the Insurance Information Institute and State Farm Insurance, dog bites continue to make up one-third of insurance payouts for homeowner liability claims. Insurance companies payed out nearly $500 million for dog bite claims in 2012. Dog bite claims are paid under a homeowner’s liability insurance. The insurance covers dog bites that occur in the home or when the dog is out with a homeowner on a walk. A spokesperson for the institute stated that some companies include all dog-related Continue Reading

Dog bites Needham, Massachusetts man

After receiving a report of an animal attack, the Needham Police Animal Control responded at the scene of the incident. A dog had allegedly bitten another dog after attacking it. When a man tried to separate the animals, the dog bit him. Dog bites can be very serious. According to reports, an ambulance took the dog bite victim to the hospital to receive treatment. Details about the extent of his injuries were not available. In addition to being extremely painful, dog bites require special treatment to ensure that infections don’t result, especially if the attacking dog’s vaccinations are not current. Continue Reading

Drunk driver charged for hitting man in park

Four months ago, a 71-year-old man was struck by a drunk driver while sleeping on a bench at GAR Park in Haverhill. Authorities have charged a 66-year-old Methuen man for the car accident, which resulted in the loss of the victim’s finger as well as injuries to his hip, shoulder and ribs. The driver allegedly shattered the bench and also damaged a Korean War memorial in the park. Witnesses report that the driver paused for approximately 30 seconds after colliding with the memorial. He then left the park, driving to New Hampshire. He was arrested after he drove his vehicle Continue Reading

Gloucester fatal car crash: woman arraigned

In Gloucester, a fatal car accident occurred involving a Gloucester woman, a police officer and an Ipswich victim who died in the incident. The negligent driver was a 52-year-old female and was arraigned on charges including operating a vehicle after suspension, negligent operation of a motor vehicle and a marked lane violation. According to the police report, the woman was driving on Essex Street around 8:30 p.m. when she crashed into another vehicle driven by an off-duty Massachusetts State police officer. The passenger in the officer’s car was taken to the hospital and later pronounced dead. The officer consented to Continue Reading

Student at Tufts University injured in car accident near campus

A car accident near the Tufts University campus recently put a pedestrian in the hospital as she was struck at the intersection of Powderhouse Boulevard and Packard Avenue. The victim was a Tufts student. The accident investigation is still underway and police have indicated that the motorist who struck the pedestrian is cooperating with authorities. The injured student was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital for treatment of her injuries. Other students and pedestrians have been hurt in recent years at the intersection. Two students last year were hospitalized after being hit. The city has attempted to make the area safer Continue Reading

Boston child bitten by neighbor’s dog

A child in Boston, Massachusetts, was allegedly the victim of a dog bite by a neighbor’s animal. The incident occurred when the child was playing in his yard and the dog left the owner’s porch and bit the child on the hand. However, the details of the incident are disputed by the boy’s mother and the dog’s owner. The mother alleges that the child was simply playing in the driveway when the dog jumped from the porch and bit the child. The child was crying and had his hand wrapped in a towel when police arrived. However, the dog’s owner Continue Reading