Fatal brain injuries in Massachusetts workplaces

Workers’ compensation benefits pay medical costs and replace wages for Massachusetts employees injured on the job. Benefits cover costs associated with work-related accidents and illnesses when injuries prevent an individual from working. Death benefits are also available. Some workers suffer fatal brain injuries. For survivors, a traumatic brain injury can mean long-term care or permanent disability — a life changer, not just for victims but for their families, too. Workers’ comp benefits often aren’t enough to address the needs of TBI victims and their loved ones, but legal claims against careless parties can result in monetary relief. A lot of Continue Reading

Rise in number of brain injuries seen in emergency rooms

Brain injuries, whether incurred from a car accident, fall or other incident, can be very serious.Traumatic brain injuries in particular can require lengthy recovery times and extended hospital stays, increasing the chances of costly medical bills and time off work. According to an analysis of emergency room data from 950 hospitals across the United States, it appears that an increasing number of patients are presenting in ERs with traumatic brain injuries. The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association and was conducted by researchers from Harvard Medical School and the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Continue Reading

Could our genes affect how we recover from a brain injury?

One of the most catastrophic injuries that a person can suffer in an accident is one that damages the brain. Depending on where and how severely a brain is damaged, a victim could suffer a wide range of physical and psychological consequences including memory loss, chronic headaches, confusion and social deficits. Minimizing the damage that is done after a person suffers a brain injury is crucial. We have known that responding quickly and being acutely aware of symptoms of a brain injury are both important factors in treating a brain injury, but a recent report suggests that our genes can Continue Reading