Massachusetts trooper suspended from duty following car accident

A spokesperson for the Massachusetts State Police has announced the indefinite suspension from duty without pay of a trooper who was recently arrested following an alleged drunk driving car accident. The spokesperson said that the man’s suspension status will be reassessed depending on the results of his criminal proceedings. The trooper was arrested after he was involved in an off-duty car accident that caused serious injury to his passenger. Police say that the off-duty motor vehicle accident occurred just prior to 1 a.m. on a recent Saturday morning. A passenger who was riding with the trooper suffered critical injuries in Continue Reading

7-year-old girl dies in Massachusetts drunk driving accident

A Massachusetts woman has appeared in court to face charges involving the death of a 7-year-old pedestrian. According to prosecutors, the woman was under the influence of alcohol when she killed the young girl in a drunk driving accident. The victim’s mother also appeared at the hearing and was seen with tears in her eyes. The mother and her daughter had been walking together, holding each other’s hands, when the woman struck them. The mother said that she was hoping for some kind of an apology from the allegedly drunk driver regarding her daughter’s death, but none was forthcoming. She Continue Reading

Driver in fatal car accident 4 times over legal limit

A 22-year-old’s license had already been suspended for a prior drunk driving arrest and his blood alcohol level was measured at 0.37, more than four times the legal limit in Massachusetts. According to authorities, however, that didn’t stop the man from getting behind the wheel and getting into a motor vehicle accident that killed a 25-year-old woman. After crashing a pickup truck into a tree, police said the man then fled the accident scene, leaving behind a vehicle with a bloodied deployed airbag. The man stands accused of operating under the influence and of leaving the scene of an accident Continue Reading

U.S. traffic fatalities on the rise for first time since 2005

It’s the end of a trend Massachusetts drivers and pedestrians would probably like to have seen continue, but after 7 years of declines, the number of traffic fatalities in the U.S. increased in 2012.Motor vehicle accident deaths rose 3.3 percent nationwide for a total of 33,561 on the year. That meant an average of 91 people killed on roadways every day as calculated by AOL Autos from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data. Injuries rose during 2012 as well. In what the NHTSA said was the first “statistically significant” increase in people hurt in traffic accidents in 17 years, more Continue Reading

New law would lower BAC limit for DUI

Massachusetts and other states are being urged by the National Transportation Safety Board to adopt a new blood alcohol content limit. To help prevent incidents of motor vehicle accident and injury, states are urged to lower BAC limits from .08 to .05 percent. The NTSB believes that lowering the BAC limit would reduce drunk driving accidents that currently kill 10,000 people per year and injure thousands more. Drunk driving is involved in about a third of fatal accidents. In the past thirty years, 440,000 people have been killed in drunk driving crashes. The NTSB estimates that lowering the rate to Continue Reading