You should seek treatment if you’re bitten by a dog

There are about a thousand people who require emergency care and treatment every single day in the United States for dog bite injuries. Are these attacks really that serious, and should you worry about the dogs in your neighborhood? While everyone’s situation is different, it is important to understand how dangerous a dog bite can really be. Even a bite from a small puppy can lead to infection that damages the body in irreparable ways. While not all dog attacks are vicious, it’s still the responsibility of the dog’s owner to compensate you for any medical care or damages you Continue Reading

How do animal bite laws apply to an animal attack?

Maybe you were walking down the street when a stray dog bit you or were at a zoo when a wild animal got loose and attacked. Regardless of the situation, when you’re the victim of an animal attack, you have the right to seek compensation from the person responsible for that animal. Animal bite laws focus on liability concerns surrounding owning wild animals or pets. When you’re attacked by an animal, the laws state that whoever owns that animal is typically liable for the attack, particularly in the case of domesticated pets like dogs. It’s an owner’s duty to protect Continue Reading

Who is held liable for an animal attack?

When an animal bites you, do you know who is going to be held liable? In most cases, it’s going to be the owner of the animal who is responsible, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the owner will be paying out of his or her own pocket. Many people decide not to pursue compensation because of the worry that an animal’s owner will face some kind of financial hardship because of the incident, but there are several ways to get the compensation you need without that concern. The first kind of insurance likely to cover the cost of an animal Continue Reading

2 pit bulls attack, maim woman and her pet Labrador

Dogs can be dangerous when they’re not trained correctly or suffer from various conditions. When they’re a hazard to others, it’s the responsibility of the pets’ owner to make sure they don’t harm others. If the dogs do, then they can be taken away and the owners could be held liable in court. The owner of two pit bulls has been arrested for a serious incident where his two dogs attacked and mauled a 60-year-old woman. According to the Aug. 4 news, the woman, who is from Salem, was walking her dog, a yellow Labrador, when she saw the two Continue Reading

Avoiding dog bites isn’t always possible: You can seek a claim

When you walk down the street, visit a friend’s house or simply stay home, it’s likely you’re going to come into contact with dogs. They’re “man’s best friend,” but those friends can sometimes come with a bite. There are over 4.5 million people bitten by dogs each year in the United States. Around one out of every five of those people will require medical attention to treat the injury. When you think about how many dogs are present in your life, you start to realize how easy it is to become a victim. Preventing injuries is something you can do Continue Reading

Dog bites: More than damage from punctures or scratches

While you probably think of dog bites being dangerous because of the violent wounds they can cause, there are other risks of having dogs and other pets in the home or around your property. When you or a child is attacked by a dog or other pet, know that there are more risks than the scratch or bite injury itself. Infection and diseases are other concerns that you should have. Zoonotic diseases are illnesses that you can catch from an animal. These illnesses can be passed between species, and it could be very easy for the disease to pass if Continue Reading

Dogs and biting: What you should know as a victim

Dogs can bite for many reasons, but as a victim, the reason doesn’t always matter. Unless you were hurting the animal or doing something to provoke it, it’s the owner’s responsibility to make sure his or her pet doesn’t attack you. If you are hurt in Boston, then the owner needs to be held liable for those injuries and cover your costs. When you are injured by a dog, there are many problems that could arise. If the dog isn’t vaccinated, infections can lead to severe injuries like brain damage or death. For example, a rabies case that isn’t caught Continue Reading

Dangerous dog apprehended in Massachusetts

Dangerous animals can put you and your loved ones at risk. If you have ever been attacked by a dog or are dealing with injuries to a loved one, you should know that the owner is liable for the dog’s attack in most cases. Sometimes, animals are simply aggressive, and it’s important that the owner is held responsible for failing to protect others from his or her pet. In this case, a dog was found, and there were several people trying to help it get back into living with a family and being in a loving home. However, it was Continue Reading

MRSA and dog bites: The link can be devastating

If you’ve been recently attacked by a dog, cat, or other pet, you know that seeking medical advice is important. While you may not feel your injury is severe, it’s wise to have your health checked by a professional and to get antibiotics for any bites that break the skin. Even minor wounds can become infected, leading to serious harm later on. There is always the potential for long-term injuries after suffering an animal bite, but one that has been drawing more attention in the last few years is the risk of MRSA infections. U.S. researchers have said that MRSA, Continue Reading

Woman killed when daughter’s pit bulls attack

Dog attacks can never be taken too seriously; even a small dog that thinks it’s being playful can cause injuries to a child or smaller adult. If you’re attacked, even if it’s by the pet of someone you know, it’s important that you get immediate medical help and seek a claim against the owner’s insurance. In this case, a woman was killed when her daughter’s dogs attacked. The 86-year-old woman allegedly fell or tripped into the dogs’ bed, causing the family’s two pit bulls to approach her. At first, they appeared to be playing with the woman, but then they Continue Reading

Get the help you need after being attacked by a dog

As someone who has been attacked by a dog, you know the dangers these animals can pose. Fortunately, most will never attack, but knowing how to avoid attacks is still pertinent to your life. Preventing dog bites is easily the best way to make sure you don’t have to suffer serious injuries from an attacking pet or stray. Here are a few tips for staying safe if a dog approaches you. First, don’t approach a dog that you don’t know. If it comes up to you, don’t run away and don’t make eye contact. Allowing the dog to sniff or Continue Reading

How to care for a bite wound until you can seek medical help

Dog bites can cause you serious harm, but how common are they? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, dog bites affect around 4.5 million Americans each year alone. Around half of those who are bitten are children, most of whom are between the ages of 5 and 9 years old. The problem with children being the most commonly attacked group is the absolute damage even a small dog can do to their bodies. Puncture wounds, gashes, torn ligaments or damaged bones can all result. If you or your child are attacked by a dog, it’s important to Continue Reading

What are some dog bite levels? What do they mean?

It’s true that not all dog bites are bad enough to cause bleeding, scratch the skin or even draw attention. However, any bite or nip at the skin is a signal that an animal is threatened, scared or feeling aggressive. There are different levels of dog bites to understand, so you can be educated about the behavior of a dog you’ve been in contact with. These bite levels are important, because they can help determine if an animal is inherently dangerous or simply unsure of itself. Sometimes, puppies bite playfully, which is also a behavior that has to be curbed Continue Reading

Dog bites and post-traumatic stress: Reducing PTSD in children

One of the first reactions to a dog bite is seeking medical care for physical wounds. Something you shouldn’t overlook, though, is the potential for mental injuries, too. Psychological injuries can be caused by these traumatic events, which results in those attacked by dogs being scared of them, hesitant to leave the home, or to act in unusual ways. Anxiety or depression can also result. For children who have been bitten by a pet dog or stray, post-traumatic stress disorder is a common finding. With the right psychotherapy, these children can get the help they need to reduce anxiety and Continue Reading

What is rabies and how do you get it?

Rabies is a particularly nasty disease that nearly always results in a fatality if it’s not treated. The disease itself is spread through the saliva of the carrier, whether that’s a raccoon, dog, or other animal. While the disease is not spread by urine or blood, it’s possible to get rabies from a scratch if the animal has licked its claws. If you’re scratched or bitten by an animal with rabies, you can expect to receive rabies shots as a treatment. If you don’t receive the right care immediately, you could fail to know anything is wrong for several months. Continue Reading

Get compensated for post-traumatic stress after a dog bite

One of the things that can affect children in the long term following an animal attack is post-traumatic stress disorder. This condition can be long lasting, and recognizing it and the impact it could have on a person’s life is absolutely vital to their recovery.When a child is injured by a dog that bites and attacks, the memories of the attack and vicious animal can make being around even the kindest pets a fearful and terrorizing experience. Children may not be as easily able to overcome the stress and internal terror they faced during the attack, so the post-traumatic stress Continue Reading

Dog bites: Dangerous, painful and potentially deadly

Dog bites can be dangerous; even small dogs can take a large bite out of your skin, tearing through muscles and tendons. The surgeries and reconstruction that are needed to heal after an attack can take weeks or years to finalize, and the healing you’ll need to do will take time on top of that. After an attack, you can usually hold the owner of the dog liable for your injuries with the help of your legal team. The owner should be the person paying for your medical care, lost wages and other concerns. The courts already recognize that dog Continue Reading

92-year-old woman unhappy after dog attacks and isn’t euthanized

If you were attacked by a dog, how would you feel if you found out that the owner and animal were not being punished? You may be ready to go back to court over the animal if it makes another wrong move or if the owners don’t listen to the orders from the court. In Leicester, a woman was attacked as she sat on her porch, and she and her family are now angry because only restrictions have been placed on the animal instead of euthanizing it. According to the story from July 18, the 92-year-old woman was sitting on Continue Reading

Don’t let a dog bite break your bank; You could be compensated

If you’re petting a friend’s dog and it suddenly attacks you, you’ll likely be taken aback by the sudden change in the animal’s attitude. If you’re not hurt badly, you may not take the case any further, but in situations where you’re severely injured, you will need to go to the hospital and seek medical attention. Even if you’re family or friends with the owner, it is his or her responsibility to control their animal. There are very few times when you’ll be held accountable for an animal attack. Did you tease the animal, push it to the point of Continue Reading

Different types of dog bites

Dog bites are by no means all the same. Young puppies will often nip at people and lightly bite them. Sometimes, this is just because they want to play—this is how dogs play with each other. Sometimes, it may be because the puppy does not see the human as being in control, and it is trying to take control of the pack. These puppy bites are often very minor. They may not even bleed or break the skin, and, if they do, the bleeding could be largely superficial. When a large dog bites, it may be minor as well. Scrapes Continue Reading