You should seek treatment if you’re bitten by a dog

There are about a thousand people who require emergency care and treatment every single day in the United States for dog bite injuries. Are these attacks really that serious, and should you worry about the dogs in your neighborhood? While everyone’s situation is different, it is important to understand how dangerous a dog bite can really be. Even a bite from a small puppy can lead to infection that damages the body in irreparable ways. While not all dog attacks are vicious, it’s still the responsibility of the dog’s owner to compensate you for any medical care or damages you Continue Reading

You deserve to be compensated for dog bites

Dogs are considered man’s best friend, but when it comes down to it, these creatures are still capable of causing you serious harm. Not all dogs are bad, but those who aren’t treated well or who have poor temperaments could cause you serious injury. There are times when dog bites can be linked back to an owner’s liability. When that’s the case, the owner could be held liable for your injuries and made to pay you compensation. Many dog bite cases are strict liability cases, which means that the owner will automatically be liable for the injuries caused to you Continue Reading

How long do I have to file a Massachusetts dog bite lawsuit?

Personal injury claims are on a time clock. Laws in every state set time limits or statutes of limitation for filing civil lawsuits. In Massachusetts, most liability claims must be filed within three years of the date of injury, including cases involving dog bites. Some states impose filing deadlines as short as one year. Very limited filing periods are also common when injury or death claims are brought against a government. In some states, plaintiffs are allotted up to six years to petition a court for damages. Limited filing times allow civil cases to reach an end point, when no Continue Reading

Who pays for losses related to Massachusetts dog bites?

About 4.5 million U.S. residents are bitten by dogs every year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported nearly 20 percent of dog bite victims require medical treatment. Reconstructive surgery was needed for 27,000 victims of dog attacks in 2012. Massachusetts law states an animal owner or keeper is liable for the damages caused by a dog bite. A dog owner is not accountable for attacks on trespassers or individuals who tease or abuse a dog, provided the bite recipient is 7 or older. Damages following a dog bite may include pain and suffering, lost wages and short- or Continue Reading

The victims of Massachusetts dog bites and their injuries

Despite what some Boston residents believe, any dog — pure bred or mixed breed — may bite. For some dogs, biting occurs only after extreme provocation. Victims bear the pain and suffering, no matter what precedes a dog bite – 50 percent of the injured are children, mostly ages 5 to 9. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated about 4.5 million people in the U.S. are bitten by dogs every year. Around 885,000 people require medical treatment. Injuries were serious enough for 27,000 dog bite victims in 2012 to require reconstructive surgery. A 2010 study by the Agency Continue Reading

I was bitten by a dog. Now what?

Dogs are often described as man’s best friend, but in reality, this isn’t always the case. No matter what the owner tells you, any dog is capable of biting and causing serious injury. Even small breeds can do a lot of damage quickly, and dog bites also carry the risk of infection. Unfortunately, for dog bite victims, the bite is often just the beginning of a series of unpleasant experiences. Victims of dog bites from animals who are not up to date on their vaccinations may have to undergo painful rabies shot as well as medical treatment for the injury Continue Reading

Dog bite injuries in children: Who is most at risk?

Boston residents of any age may find themselves victims of dog bites or other animal attacks, but children can be especially vulnerable to being bitten because of their small size and because they may not know how to approach an unfamiliar dog. Dog bites often occur in the head and neck area as well as the arms and hands, leading to severe injuries that can require reconstructive surgery and rehabilitative therapy. A report released in 2010 by the Massachusetts Department of Health analyzed the data of all injuries to children and youth ages 0 to 19 and found that 2,152 Continue Reading

Animal bites: Beyond the dog

While dog bites may make the news most often in Massachusetts, they are not the only kind of injury that a person can suffer in an animal attack. If you are injured while interacting with another person’s cat, horse, other livestock animal or a wild animal being kept in captivity, it may still be possible to file a personal injury lawsuit. In most cases, injuries suffered from another animal are handled the same way when it comes to holding a party liable as dog bites. In general, the victim must show that the animal’s owner was negligent. This most often Continue Reading

Dog bites may be more likely from animals tied up outside

Dog bites are often attributed to a higher genetic level of aggressiveness in certain breeds, but even normally friendly dogs may be more likely to bite in certain circumstances. Dogs can bite for many reasons, including out of fear, because they are sick or injured or to protect their owners from a perceived threat. Dog bites may be more common during the summer months, however, because more dogs are chained up outside for longer periods of time. Current Massachusetts law prohibits a dog from being tied up outside for longer than 24 hours. However, some animal activists believe even this Continue Reading

Dog bites may be more common than most think

Dogs are considered man’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean the relationship between man and canine is always positive. Dog bites are a more common occurrence in Massachusetts than some people may think, and when a pet owner’s negligence results in another person’s injury, litigation may follow. While the media often portrays a few breeds as the most likely to bite, any dog, regardless of the age or breed of the animal, can bite. According to reports, 4.5 million people in the United States were bitten by dogs in 2013. Despite the common image, only 5,581 of those bitten included Continue Reading

Animal officer receives calls for four dog bites each week

According to a new report, a Massachusetts animal control officer has said that he now answers an average 13 calls due to people improperly storing their trash and irresponsible pet owners. He reports that an average of four of the calls a week include dog bites to either humans or other dogs. Many dog bites often include serious injury. For example, an incident in late May resulted in a young girl receiving 25 stitches to her head. In this case, the owner voluntarily had the dog euthanized prior to the hearing to review the attack. The officer also reports that Continue Reading

A third of homeowner liability claims due to dog bites

Massachusetts dog owners may be interested in the following information about dog bite liability. According to the latest data compiled by the Insurance Information Institute and State Farm Insurance, dog bites continue to make up one-third of insurance payouts for homeowner liability claims. Insurance companies payed out nearly $500 million for dog bite claims in 2012. Dog bite claims are paid under a homeowner’s liability insurance. The insurance covers dog bites that occur in the home or when the dog is out with a homeowner on a walk. A spokesperson for the institute stated that some companies include all dog-related Continue Reading

Mansfield dog attacks again

Although it already faced a euthanasia order for an earlier attack on a child, a Mansfield dog has struck again and has most likely destroyed any chance that it had for a reprieve from its sentence. According to the police, the canine attacked a 16-year-old girl who was then transported to Rhode Island’s Hasbro Children’s Hospital to be treated for her wounds. The extent of her injuries is unknown. The dog had previously attacked a boy, biting his face and causing severe injuries that required surgery. As a result of this animal attack, the Mansfield Board of Selectmen had ordered Continue Reading

Mansfield dog attacks six-year-old boy

After attempting to pet the neighbor’s dog, a six-year-old boy in Mansfield was attacked by the animal. Reportedly, the dog savagely bit the boy’s ear, cheek and ankle while he was being cared for by a babysitter at her house; the canine was a family pet. A police officer responded at the scene of theanimal attack and found the youngster holding a bloody paper towel to his face. The dog had been locked in a separate room. The child was taken by ambulance for treatment. He had extensive damage to muscles and ligaments on his cheek, and his wounds required Continue Reading

Dog bites Needham, Massachusetts man

After receiving a report of an animal attack, the Needham Police Animal Control responded at the scene of the incident. A dog had allegedly bitten another dog after attacking it. When a man tried to separate the animals, the dog bit him. Dog bites can be very serious. According to reports, an ambulance took the dog bite victim to the hospital to receive treatment. Details about the extent of his injuries were not available. In addition to being extremely painful, dog bites require special treatment to ensure that infections don’t result, especially if the attacking dog’s vaccinations are not current. Continue Reading

Boston child bitten by neighbor’s dog

A child in Boston, Massachusetts, was allegedly the victim of a dog bite by a neighbor’s animal. The incident occurred when the child was playing in his yard and the dog left the owner’s porch and bit the child on the hand. However, the details of the incident are disputed by the boy’s mother and the dog’s owner. The mother alleges that the child was simply playing in the driveway when the dog jumped from the porch and bit the child. The child was crying and had his hand wrapped in a towel when police arrived. However, the dog’s owner Continue Reading

Court decision allows pit bull to stay despite attacks

In a controversial court decision, a magistrate judge in Lynn, Massachusetts, ruled that a pit bull that had mauled a dog and its owner could not be banished from the city. This suit is the latest in a series ofanimal attack cases that have come to recent public attention. The victims own a Shih Tzu and were putting it in the car one day when a neighbor’s pit bull ran up their driveway, jumped into the car and began mauling the dog. The husband jumped into the car and held the pit bull for nearly half an hour while help Continue Reading

Governor defangs Boston’s pit bull law

Boston thought it had a solution to the problem of powerful pit bulls biting people when, back in 2004, the city passed a special ordinance requiring pit bulls to be licensed and muzzled in public. The ordinance also forbade housing more than two of the dogs. That ordinance will be history on November 1, when a new animal control law signed by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick takes effect. The law specifically forbids municipalities from passing “breed-specific ordinances.” The legislation goes on to prevent local officials from issuing an order, “directing that a dog deemed dangerous be removed from the town Continue Reading