Boston child bitten by neighbor’s dog

A child in Boston, Massachusetts, was allegedly the victim of a dog bite by a neighbor’s animal. The incident occurred when the child was playing in his yard and the dog left the owner’s porch and bit the child on the hand. However, the details of the incident are disputed by the boy’s mother and the dog’s owner. The mother alleges that the child was simply playing in the driveway when the dog jumped from the porch and bit the child. The child was crying and had his hand wrapped in a towel when police arrived. However, the dog’s owner Continue Reading

Court decision allows pit bull to stay despite attacks

In a controversial court decision, a magistrate judge in Lynn, Massachusetts, ruled that a pit bull that had mauled a dog and its owner could not be banished from the city. This suit is the latest in a series ofanimal attack cases that have come to recent public attention. The victims own a Shih Tzu and were putting it in the car one day when a neighbor’s pit bull ran up their driveway, jumped into the car and began mauling the dog. The husband jumped into the car and held the pit bull for nearly half an hour while help Continue Reading

Governor defangs Boston’s pit bull law

Boston thought it had a solution to the problem of powerful pit bulls biting people when, back in 2004, the city passed a special ordinance requiring pit bulls to be licensed and muzzled in public. The ordinance also forbade housing more than two of the dogs. That ordinance will be history on November 1, when a new animal control law signed by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick takes effect. The law specifically forbids municipalities from passing “breed-specific ordinances.” The legislation goes on to prevent local officials from issuing an order, “directing that a dog deemed dangerous be removed from the town Continue Reading