Dog bites: More than damage from punctures or scratches

While you probably think of dog bites being dangerous because of the violent wounds they can cause, there are other risks of having dogs and other pets in the home or around your property. When you or a child is attacked by a dog or other pet, know that there are more risks than the scratch or bite injury itself. Infection and diseases are other concerns that you should have. Zoonotic diseases are illnesses that you can catch from an animal. These illnesses can be passed between species, and it could be very easy for the disease to pass if Continue Reading

You deserve compensation when you’re the victim of a car accident

Driving down the highway or on busy city streets, you don’t expect to get in an accident. You’re probably focusing on where you want to go or what you want to do. Accidents do happen, though, and when they do, you have every right to make a claim for your injuries. As the driver of a smaller passenger vehicle, being in a car accident with a large truck may be something you worry about. In 2014, large trucks were involved in collisions that led to 3,903 people being killed and another 111,000 being injured. Around 438,000 large trucks were involved Continue Reading

How strict are commercial DUI regulations?

Commercial DUI regulations are different than DUI regulations for the typical driver. Those who hold commercial driver’s licenses must be held to a higher standard, so they are unable to drink as much as a traditional driver before they get behind the wheel. In fact, a normal driver can have a blood alcohol concentration of up to 0.08 and drive, but a commercial driver is only allowed to have a BAC of 0.04 or less. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration established these limits to make sure that these drivers are always safe behind the wheel. There are reasons for Continue Reading

Dogs and biting: What you should know as a victim

Dogs can bite for many reasons, but as a victim, the reason doesn’t always matter. Unless you were hurting the animal or doing something to provoke it, it’s the owner’s responsibility to make sure his or her pet doesn’t attack you. If you are hurt in Boston, then the owner needs to be held liable for those injuries and cover your costs. When you are injured by a dog, there are many problems that could arise. If the dog isn’t vaccinated, infections can lead to severe injuries like brain damage or death. For example, a rabies case that isn’t caught Continue Reading

How common is drowsy driving in the United States?

If you’ve been in a car accident because the other driver didn’t stay in his lane or swerved unexpectedly, one of the causes may have been that the driver was too tired to be behind the wheel. If that’s the case, then you could be in a position to claim for the driver’s negligence. Drowsy driving is a legitimate problem in the United States. In fact, a 2005 report from the Sleep in America poll shows that around 60 percent of drivers have admitted to driving when they’ve felt drowsy in that year alone. Another 13 percent admitted to doing Continue Reading

Dangerous dog apprehended in Massachusetts

Dangerous animals can put you and your loved ones at risk. If you have ever been attacked by a dog or are dealing with injuries to a loved one, you should know that the owner is liable for the dog’s attack in most cases. Sometimes, animals are simply aggressive, and it’s important that the owner is held responsible for failing to protect others from his or her pet. In this case, a dog was found, and there were several people trying to help it get back into living with a family and being in a loving home. However, it was Continue Reading

You can file a claim after getting injured on someone’s premises

Falls are very serious and can cost you and your loved ones when it comes to medical bills and care. Every year, there are around 2.5 million older people who are treated in emergency rooms because of fall injuries. Around one out of every five falls results in serious injuries like broken bones or head injuries. Falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries, and they often lead to hip fractures for older people. If not, there are other injuries that may result. For instance, broken bones, cracked wrists, broken arms, hip injuries, broken ankles and other breaks Continue Reading

You deserve compensation when you suffer a brain injury

Suffering an injury of any kind can be life altering, but brain and spinal injuries are some of the most devastating. Every 23 seconds, a person in the United States suffers from a traumatic brain injury, which can affect him or her for the rest of his or her life. At present, there are around 5.3 million Americans living with disabilities related to traumatic brain injuries. While falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries, there are other causes. For instance, a car crash can result in a traumatic brain injury if you stop too quickly or are Continue Reading

MRSA and dog bites: The link can be devastating

If you’ve been recently attacked by a dog, cat, or other pet, you know that seeking medical advice is important. While you may not feel your injury is severe, it’s wise to have your health checked by a professional and to get antibiotics for any bites that break the skin. Even minor wounds can become infected, leading to serious harm later on. There is always the potential for long-term injuries after suffering an animal bite, but one that has been drawing more attention in the last few years is the risk of MRSA infections. U.S. researchers have said that MRSA, Continue Reading

What are some premises liability facts?

Premises liability can be tricky in some cases, and if you get hurt on someone else’s property, you may have questions you would like to get answers to. Here are a few situations that could occur and the way you can address what you do next. Consider traveling to a hotel. If you fall and hurt yourself, is the hotel liable? That is a good question, and what you’ll need to do is show that the property owner or staff was negligent. For example, if you slip and fall on a broken piece of flooring that was already known about, Continue Reading

The facts about traumatic brain injuries

Suffering from a traumatic brain injury can change your life. If you suffer one in a car accident or because you were hurt by a dangerous animal or workplace accident, it’s important that you seek out compensation; this kind of injury can be financially draining and can impact your ability to work. Traumatic brain injuries are more common than you may think. Every year, at least 1.7 million people suffer from traumatic brain injuries in the United States alone. These injuries often contribute to death, with around 30.5 percent of all injury-related deaths being caused by traumatic brain injuries. The Continue Reading

Woman killed when daughter’s pit bulls attack

Dog attacks can never be taken too seriously; even a small dog that thinks it’s being playful can cause injuries to a child or smaller adult. If you’re attacked, even if it’s by the pet of someone you know, it’s important that you get immediate medical help and seek a claim against the owner’s insurance. In this case, a woman was killed when her daughter’s dogs attacked. The 86-year-old woman allegedly fell or tripped into the dogs’ bed, causing the family’s two pit bulls to approach her. At first, they appeared to be playing with the woman, but then they Continue Reading

Should you settle when you suffer a brain injury?

Brain injuries are some of the most serious consequences that can result from an accident. Whether you’re in a car accident or get hurt at work, hitting your head can cause immediate and severe consequences. After you suffer an injury, it’s important to get the immediate medical care you need. Then, you or a representative should reach out to begin making a claim for compensation. If someone else’s negligence resulted in your injury, then a personal injury claim may be right for you. If you were hurt at work, then workers’ compensation may kick in. There are many factors to Continue Reading

Car and truck accidents affect thousands of Americans yearly

Car accidents affect thousands of people in the United States, from those who are injured and victimized to the families that have to deal with the aftermath. It’s important for Boston families to get the chance to obtain justice after an accident, whether that’s through seeking a lawsuit for compensation or helping the police with a criminal case. The truth is that there are many thousands of people affected by collisions every year due to the negligence of others. It’s possible for the victims of these accidents and their families to seek out compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and Continue Reading

Alleged suicidal driver strikes truck and injures 2

If you’re struck by someone who is mentally unwell and wants to commit suicide or by someone who is under the influence of an intoxicating substance, there’s no reason that you should have to back off and wait to file a claim. When you’re injured by another person, it’s your right to speak to someone about those injuries and to recover the costs associated with them. Accidents caused by people who are negligent or in distress should be properly addressed. An alleged suicidal driver crashed his vehicle into a full-size pickup, causing an accident that has left at least two Continue Reading

Get the help you need after being attacked by a dog

As someone who has been attacked by a dog, you know the dangers these animals can pose. Fortunately, most will never attack, but knowing how to avoid attacks is still pertinent to your life. Preventing dog bites is easily the best way to make sure you don’t have to suffer serious injuries from an attacking pet or stray. Here are a few tips for staying safe if a dog approaches you. First, don’t approach a dog that you don’t know. If it comes up to you, don’t run away and don’t make eye contact. Allowing the dog to sniff or Continue Reading

Can you file a premises liability claim against the government?

Are there any times when you can file a lawsuit against the government for exposing you to a dangerous premises? Yes, and in fact, it happens more often than you may think. One of the most common kinds of premises liability complaints takes place when people are hurt on sidewalks or due to defects involving the roads. Here’s a good example. Imagine that you’re driving down the street with your child. You have a green light, so you drive into an intersection without expecting anything bad to happen. Suddenly, you get hit by a car. That driver swears that he Continue Reading

You deserve to be fairly compensated for your pain and suffering

It’s hard to live a life with a brain injury; even a mild injury can leave you with headaches, difficulty with your sight and other issues. It’s important to know that you have the right to seek out compensation after you’re in an accident that results in a brain injury. Your injury is a result of someone else’s negligence, and you should be fairly compensated for that. A traumatic brain injury happens because you’ve suffered a severe blow to the head. In your case, the skull either spun too quickly for the brain to turn, or the brain struck the Continue Reading

How to care for a bite wound until you can seek medical help

Dog bites can cause you serious harm, but how common are they? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, dog bites affect around 4.5 million Americans each year alone. Around half of those who are bitten are children, most of whom are between the ages of 5 and 9 years old. The problem with children being the most commonly attacked group is the absolute damage even a small dog can do to their bodies. Puncture wounds, gashes, torn ligaments or damaged bones can all result. If you or your child are attacked by a dog, it’s important to Continue Reading

Diagnosing a head injury: How a brain injury is identified

A head injury has to be identified and diagnosed before you can do anything to file a claim or make a request for compensation. Your attorney needs to know how bad an injury is to make suggestions to you about your case. What you will need to know is the full diagnosis of a head injury before you decide to move forward. To diagnose an injury to the head, medical providers use the Glasgow Coma Scale, known as the GCS. This test has 15 points and assesses the mental status of a patient. If a patient scores high on the Continue Reading

What are some dog bite levels? What do they mean?

It’s true that not all dog bites are bad enough to cause bleeding, scratch the skin or even draw attention. However, any bite or nip at the skin is a signal that an animal is threatened, scared or feeling aggressive. There are different levels of dog bites to understand, so you can be educated about the behavior of a dog you’ve been in contact with. These bite levels are important, because they can help determine if an animal is inherently dangerous or simply unsure of itself. Sometimes, puppies bite playfully, which is also a behavior that has to be curbed Continue Reading

Truck driver crushed vehicle to hide evidence of hit and run

If you’re hit by a negligent driver or lose a loved one who is involved in an accident, your life can be forever changed. Even though you can work with your attorney to obtain compensation, that compensation can’t ever bring back the person who passed away. While compensation won’t replace someone who has passed, it can go a long way toward making your future more bearable and covering the costs associated with the death. Before you can take a driver to court, you’ll need to know who it was who caused the accident that killed your loved one. That’s the Continue Reading

How is a traumatic brain injury handled by medical staff?

Suffering an injury can change your life in many ways. For those suffering from a traumatic brain injury, the implications can be devastating. A traumatic brain injury is a type of acquired brain injury. It’s not always something that can heal quickly; while some patients may find they’ve recovered in a few weeks, others may take a lifetime. Whenever you suffer a brain injury, you need to seek medical help immediately and worry about your settlement or legal obligations after you’re physically stable. It’s impossible to reverse damage once it’s done in most cases, so treatment focuses on reducing the Continue Reading

Bite injuries: Secondary infections, brain injuries and disease

Secondary injuries from bite wounds can be dangerous for patients. Several issues could lead to injuries to the brain, so it’s vital to obtain treatment following a bite and to make sure the owner of the animal is held liable for your injuries. Bite wounds don’t only affect the initial area of injury. Consider the fact that bacteria and viruses could enter your body at the site of the injury; that bacteria or virus could spread, making you sick. Some kinds of diseases you can suffer from, like rabies, will affect your body and brain, putting your life at risk. Continue Reading

What are some facts about distracted driving?

Distracted driving can kill and maim anyone involved in an accident because of it. Those hurt can seek compensation, but the fact remains that many of these accidents could be prevented. Is distracted driving very common in the United States? Distracted driving is incredibly common. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that in 2011, close to one in every five crashes involving an injury was caused by someone who was distracted while driving his or her vehicle. With over 171 billion texts sent and received within the United States by December 2012, you can be sure Continue Reading