As a parent, one of the most terrifying things you can find out is that your child has been involved in a school bus accident. If your child is hurt or even if you’re hurt when you’re chaperoning on a school trip, you have the right to pursue compensation from one of several sources, whether it’s the driver, school district or the person who hit you.

In cases like this one, it may be the dangerous driver who bears the blame and has to absorb the cost of damages through an insurance claim or by being sued if insurance isn’t available. If the driver who hurt your child didn’t have insurance, then suing is one alternative that you could try to recoup your expenses with.

Fortunately, in this case no children were injured in the collision. Two people were injured, though, after a person driving a Jeep collided with a school van, according to a report from Shrewsbury Patch. Police reported that they are investigating the accident that took place after the drier of the 1999 Jeep Cherokee tried to pass a stopped vehicle on the road. It crossed into the southbound lane of Route 140, colliding with a 2008 school bus van.

The bus, a YMCA unit, had been carrying six students from Paton School to the YMCA for a program after school. The news reports that the driver of the Jeep suffered non-life threatening injuries, and the driver of the school bus van suffered non-life threatening injuries as well. None of the other passengers on the bus were injured.

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