Rollover Accidents


Attorneys Handling Rollover Accident Cases

When a vehicle rolls over in a crash, chances are far greater that the driver and any passengers will suffer serious, debilitating injuries. Poor roof structure can cause injuries to be severe. Negligent vehicle design can also lead to serious injuries and even fatalities.

At the law office of Perrault Law Group, PLLC, in Methuen, Massachusetts and Salem, New Hampshire, our attorneys have extensive experience representing people who have been seriously injured in rollover accidents. We recognize when further investigation is necessary to determine if a potential product defect could be to blame for causing the accident or the serious injuries.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a rollover accident in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, you can count on our personal injury team to obtain answers and pursue compensation. Contact our law firm today for a free initial consultation and case evaluation.

Defective Vehicle Design and Manufacturing

Motor vehicles are designed and manufactured to withstand the impact of a crash. However, thousands of people are killed each year because the vehicle’s structure and safety components are inadequate. We have the resources necessary to hire experts to examine the vehicle and provide expert testimony.

  • Was the vehicle’s roof too weak by design, leading to roof crush injuries?
  • Was the center of gravity too high, causing the vehicle to roll over even with minimal impact?
  • Was the tire tread inadequate or defective, causing the tread to separate, and making the vehicle more vulnerable to rollover?

We find answers and pursue rightful compensation for our seriously injured clients and for families who have lost a loved one in a fatal car crash. Frequently, rollover accidents where the roof crushed into the driver or passenger result in serious spinal cord or brain injuries requiring extensive treatment and leaving the individual with a permanent injury. We pursue full compensation that enables our clients to live life to the fullest extent possible after such a devastating injury.

Lawyers Handling Car and SUV Rollover Accidents

Our firm handles various types of rollover accidents, including those involving sport utility vehicles (SUVs), trucks, cars and other motor vehicles. Whether your accident was the result of a collision, poor weather conditions or debris in the road, we can help you hold any negligent parties accountable for your injuries.