Work Related Motor Vehicle Accident {Worker’s Compensation Lien & Third Party Recovery}

Attorney Perrault’s client was a passenger in a motor vehicle while in the course of his employment in Massachusetts. The motor vehicle was rear ended which caused the client serious lower back injuries. Because the client was in the course of his employment, he received substantial medical care and disability payments through worker’s compensation. Those benefits totaled over $11,000.00. In Massachusetts, worker’s compensation carriers have a “lien” against the personal injury claims of the client. In other words, from the personal injury recovery the worker’s compensation carrier has a right to be reimbursed for what it paid for medical bills and disability payments. A claim was filed against the driver of the auto which rear ended the client. The limits of that policy were $100,000.00. Attorney Perrault was able to negotiate the $100,000.00 policy limits. Additionally, Attorney Perrault was able to negotiate a full waiver of the $11,000.00 plus worker’s compensation lien. Moreover, Attorney Perrault was able to negotiate an additional $15,000.00 contribution from the worker’s compensation carrier. The full recovery, then, totaled $126,000.00.

Categories: Verdicts & Settlements.